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Archive for June 2019

A Middle Schooler once called “It” Helped Changed SEX Education in Arizona

                                             Credit:  Mike Christy / Arizona Daily Star Santi Ceballos, 13, from Tucson, Arizona came out as non-binary in September 2017.  Many of his former classmates called him “it” because he doesn’t identify as being male or female and is possibly transgender.  Santi uses the pronouns they and them in regards to they’s sexual identities.…

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PRIDE Flags – More Than Decoration

                                                         Created by Daniel Quasar                         June is the month associated with PRIDE.  It’s a month of readings, events, Stonewall photography, exhibits, and, of course, marches and parades.  Banners and flags unfurled everywhere, bringing the LGBTQ community together yet highlighting the differences among different groups.  But what do the colors actually signify in the different…

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GAY PRIDE: WHY WE CELEBRATE, Guest Post by Bryce Thompson

June is traditionally GAY PRIDE Month.  Today, Bryce Thompson, M.A., LMFT, author of the forthcoming book, Are You Man Enough?  A Call to Action Guide for Straight Fathers of a Gay Son, is writing a guest blog post on Gay Pride: Why We Celebrate! PRIDE counters the pain, marginalization, and attempted “eraser” of nature’s diversity!…

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