Discussing Homosexuality With Your Kids

Discussing homosexuality with kids

My guest blogger today is Leslie Penkunas, editor of nola baby and family magazine in New Orleans. Leslie has two children, ages 8 and 10, and blogs about parenting on her blog: theparentinggig.com Conversation Starter As editor of a parenting magazine, I review books or assign articles tackling myriad parenting topics—how to have a happy,…

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“You’re Too Pretty To Be A Lesbian”

I hear this statement constantly from parents who can’t believe that their cutie daughter, who held the white patent leather pocketbook in nursery school, and is donning makeup and short skirts in high school, is gay.When your “girly girl” daughter “comes out” to you, please don’t deny her sexual orientation! Lesbians come in all shapes…

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Privacy vs. The Right to Know

  If you are suspicious your child may be gay, do you, as a parent, have the right to ask?  I believe your kid will tell you she is gay when she is ready. You shouldn’t “out” her to others until she wants you to; after all, it’s her story that she may want to hold…

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