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Archive for February 2013

Labels, Schmabels

I am venting today about the need of public figures to come out.  Do we care that Chief Executive Officer of Sony Music Entertainment, Clive Davis, came out as bisexual in his recent memoir The Soundtrack of My Life? He told Cynthia McFadden on ABC’s “Nightline” that he, 80, twice divorced, had sex with a…

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Boy Scouts of America’s Half-Ass Solution

BSA Decision on Gay Ban Postponed Until May The Boy Scouts of America have faced turmoil in the past six months.  After the Scouts in June had announced their intent to keep the gay ban in place, corporate companies including Merck & Co. and Intel Corporation pulled funding. Angry former scouts in disgust mailed their…

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This Is Not a Shaggy Dog Story

This Is Not a Shaggy Dog Story Yesterday, I read in Huffpost Gay Voices about a Tennessee dog owner who wanted to euthanize his dog because he suspected the dog was gay. (Just because a male dog mounts another one, does not mean he’s homosexual, it could be a matter of dominance. Anyhow, homosexual behavior…

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