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Archive for May 2014

We Don’t Need to Know Everything About a Celebrity!

Theatre critic Robert Hofler’s critique of Lincoln Center’s Winter 2014 issue’s lack of mention of playwright Moss Hart’s supposed homosexuality or bisexuality can be read in The’s “Op-Ed: Moss Hart and Posthumous Closeting.”  Hart’s only book, a memoir Act One, written in 1959, and revived at Lincoln Center now, does not delve into the…

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Unsung Heroes

This Memorial Day, let us be mindful of not only the WWII and Korean veterans who fought in so-called “acceptable” wars, but also those of the unpopular wars that followed.  My husband, a Vietnam War veteran, returned home, with a purple heart, in 1968 to his country that was at war with itselfover whether it…

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Are Your LGBT Children Mentally Healthy?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month As a parent, no one knows your kid better than you.  You see him/her daily so it’s easy to notice personality or physical changes. Sure, teens can be moody; it’s o.k. to feel sad once in awhile, but a lingering sadness can spell D-E-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N. We’ve all read about the…

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You Gotta’ Have Heart

Conditional Love Common Sometimes it’s hard for a Mother to love her kids unconditionally. Kids act up.  They fight with their siblings, beg for another glass of water so they don’t have to go to bed, leave pizza crust in the sofa just to name a few transgressions. To a parent, they are disrespectful when…

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“Mothers and Sons”: A Review

“Mothers and Sons” Offers Optimism About Gay Civil Rights When in Manhattan two weeks ago, I had the good fortune to see “Mothers and Sons,” author Terrence McNally’s sixteenth work.  It is a brave play that, for the first time, examines same-sex marriage from the perspective of three generations. It’s a four-character play headed by…

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