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Archive for September 2017

How To Be An Ally At Home

This week (September 25-29) K-12 students will celebrate Ally Week in schools across the United States.  Sponsored by, (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) students will have activities that will display their support for their LGBT friends. An LGBT child’s home should be his haven.  How does a straight parent make it so all the…

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A Straight Mother Thanks Edie Windsor

When our gay son was in his twenties, before President Obama’s evolvement of “sacred” civil marriage unions and President Clinton’s signature on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA),  he announced at dinner “it’s not fair that my straight sister can get married, and I can’t!” He was right.  I often wondered if he would be…

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When The School Personnel Are The Bullies

What’s A Parent To Do? Schools must do all it can to help stop and prevent bullying it knows or should have known was happening in their district.  Otherwise, the school can become legally responsible if it has not done anything to prevent or stop this offensive behavior. Last week’s blog concerned a Missouri principal…

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