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National Bullying Prevention Month Is Almost Over, But Bullies Are Still Hard At Work

School is in full swing now during October, National Bullying Prevention Month, but LGBT students still feel unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation and gender expression. According to GLSEN’s (Gay, Straight Education Network)on-line survey entitled the 2013 National School Climate Survey of students between ages of 13 and 21, 55.5%  of LGBT adolescents…

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National Spirit Day on October 15

                                               Be A Visible Ally Coinciding with October’s Anti-Bullying Awareness Month and the seventeenth anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s death, LGBT allies, including corporations, friends, organizations, will show their support against bullying on October…

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National Coming Out Day

Tomorrow, October 11, you may see more pink triangles on clothing and rainbow flags waving in the air. Rallies, parades may be more prominent.  Why?  It’s National Coming Out Day.  As of 1990, it is observed in fifty U.S. states and seven other countries. WHY WE HAVE IT It’s observed annually to celebrate coming out…

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“Do I Look Fat?”

“Do I Look Fat?” Every teen wants to look sharp so they can fit in.  Whether they’re emulating the hottest celebrities or have their own style, they hope their own brand will propel them into popularity and give them persona. To an LGBT kid whose look may be different than the mainstream, who may feel…

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