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Vero Beach Magazine

Do’s and Don’ts of Docents

Talking about art to visitors at the VBMA is quite an art in itself.

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A Magic Carpet Ride!

Cover story of Retired Military Family

Mike McRee had never laid eyes on an Oriental carpet before he courted his wife Mary Lynn,…

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American Baby

10 Questions Not to Ask Adoptive Parents

Learn what not to say to parents of adopted children -- and why you shouldn't say it -- with this adoption etiquette primer.

What Not to Say “Who are his ‘real’ parents?” “Aren’t you wonderful to adopt this child?” “How…

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Good Housekeeping

Where to Find the Women’s Room

The best ones are in New York’s finer hotels…Here are 16 of them – keep the list…

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Modern Bride

Cleaning Up: for Better or Worse

Janet, an oil painter, tried everything to get her husband, Gary, an art director, to help with…

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Finch News

Finch Goes to Portugal: A Travel Journal

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The Pet Gazette

Better All BARK Than All BITE

Safeguarding Your Family

What follows is not a fairy tale. It’s a cautionary tale. Once upon a time, there was…

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Austin Golf Magazine

He Plays Golf… She Gets Pampered

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Surprise! Migraines often attack on vacation - but they don't have to. Here are nine ways to stop these nightmare headaches before they start.

Marcy Lowe of St. Louis usually works a 60-hour week as a public relations executive. No wonder…

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Spirituality and Health

Spending a Weekend in Silence

With two kids, a “high-strung dog and husband,” and a part-time writing career, Wesley C. Davidson was…

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A Mother Muses… Is English Spoken Here?

An Adventure in Pre-school Lingo I always thought I understood English, my native tongue—until I began to…

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American Baby

How to Hire the Perfect Nanny

In the movies, the right caregiver magically appears. In reality, it takes work to find someone you…

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