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Archive for May 2015

Which Age Group Resists Marriage Equality?

The latest Gallup poll in early May is certainly encouraging for the support for same-sex marriage. Sixty percent of respondents (5% higher than 2014) say they were in favor of gay marriage. Only two decades ago, 27% approved and 68% opposed gay marriage.  By 2005, 37% supported same-sex marriage and five years later, 44% were…

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May 17 = Commemoration Day for Victims of LGBT Inequality

What Is International Day (May 17) Against Homophobia?IDAHot’s main purpose is to raise awareness of violence, discrimination and repression of LGBT awareness worldwide.  Its purpose is to educate as it advocates for public policies. (In some countries, LGBT status is punishable by death.) This year’s theme is LGBT youth who are often bullied in school and…

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Reflections of Motherhood on Mother’s Day

Intro to the Davidsons 101 The Davidsons are a motley crew: The parents come from different backgrounds. The husband is a Southerner who learned to fish with a cane pole, but later found his niche on Wall St.  He was brought up with a reverence for and encyclopaedic knowledge of nature, love of family, and…

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