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Archive for September 2011

Ding, Dong! The Wicked DADT Is Dead!


The Military Thought You Had To Be Straight to Shoot Straight Gays in the military have been fighting an uphill battle since 1982 when The Department of Defense officially put in writing that “homosexuality was incompatible with military service.” Between 1993 with the Clinton era compromise “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and the 2011 repeal…

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Parental Homework for Anti-Bullying Defenses

On my last post, I gave readers tips and links for parents to practice anti-bullying defenses at home with their teen. Now, I am giving you additional suggestions from Donna A. Henderson, Professor at Wake Forest’s Counseling Department: To find out what’s going on at school, and what types of situations your child may face,…

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Anti-Bullying Tactics Begin At Home

Whether it’s “cyberbullying,” or bullying in person, Lisa Furst, LMSW, Director of Education with the Mental Health Association of New York City (MHA-NYC), has these suggestions for parents to practice—yes, practice. Here’s her homework for parents: Talk daily to your teen and find about their school lives and their relationships with friends and peers.  …

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When the Fail-Safes Fail at Your Child’s School

Last week, I wrote about the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) which promotes safety in schools through its programs. Unfortunately, as a parent, you can’t assume that these programs will be put into play. Many schools don’t have the interest or the comfort level to implement those GLBT regulations often regarded as inciting controversy.…

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