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Archive for August 2013

10 Things Your LGBT Kid Wants To Hear From You

In my blog on 7/28/13, I suggested “10 Things Your Gay Child Does Not Want To Hear From You.” Now, I suggest what you may want to tell him/her, based on research, to encourage discussion and an ongoing dialogue. Ten Points to Cover: 1.     Thank you for sharing your story with me.  It must…

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Hypothetical Letter to Kaitlyn Hunt

Dear Kaitlyn, I’ve been riveted to your case for months now.  I don’t have a “Free Kaitlyn” T-shirt or decal for my car to prove it, but I was horrified to learn that because, you, as a eighteen year-old, had sex with a minor, 14, now 15, that you could have gone to prison for…

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Protect Your Child Against Cyberbullies

School is about to start.  As I mentioned in my last post, LGBT kids often dread the school year because compared to heterosexuals, they are bullied two to three times more. Perhaps, even more insidious and pervasive than bullying is cyberbullying. As Ellen Friedrichs, editor of GLBT Teens, writes: “the barrier provided by the…

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Back-to-School Bullying

How You Can Help Your Child From Being Bullied For many school kids, going back to school is a pleasant experience: fresh start, new clothes, new teachers, and getting reacquainted with classmates. But for many GLBT children, back-to-school represents another year of enduring being bullied or harassed by homophobic classmates, and even teachers! What LGBT…

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Blew Your Child’s Coming Out? Ways to Recover

In my last post, I shared tips on what NOT to say to your gay child after he/she has come out – you know, stuff they would NOT want to hear.  But suppose, during your child’s revelation, you  felt threatened and scarred, and like a frightened animal, lashed out – not with biting or violent attacks,…

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