How Do You Make Your Child’s School An Ally?

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Great!  You’ve been doing your duty of making your child an ally at home.  You’ve taught how to outsmart bullies, online and in person. But how do you make the school an ally, especially when you’re not there to see the violations? Here are some tips: Include your child in the problem-solving.  If he’s included,…

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How to Outwit Your Child’s Bullies at School

Last week, I wrote about cyberbullying and how it affects your family.  I also gave tips on how to protect your child during National Bullying Prevention Month (October). It’s important to know how to teach your kids to confront bullies in person.  School has started and the bullies are in session with your kids. Is…

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October is Bullying Prevention Month

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Perhaps, one of the most famous cyberbullying cases involved a Rutgers Freshman, Tyler Clementi a talented musician who happened to be gay.  In 2010, Tyler was humiliated and shamed when his roommate Dharun Ravi activated a secret video camera to record Tyler’s sexual relations and streamed it to others on the campus.  This cyber-harassment lead…

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LGBT History Month Oct. 1-31

lgbt history month

LGBT History Month is an annual month-long observance that takes place in October.  It was founded in 1994 by a Missouri high school teacher named Rodney Wilson.  Its purpose is to showcase the achievements of gay icons as well as the gay and civil rights movements.  It combats prejudice against the LGBT community. Some Questions…

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