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Archive for July 2013

What to Say to Your Child’s Coming Out

Prepare Yourself for the Unexpected Most parents, according to research, are broadsided by the child’s news that he or she is gay.  Like many parents, you may have suspected that your child’s sexual orientation since childhood, but to actually hear the confession from your child’s lips may dredge up a host of reactions: pride that…

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Bert and Ernie Snuggle on New Yorker Cover

Conservatives Act As If It’s a Punch and Judy Show Put Sesame Street’s popular and long-standing muppets “Bert and Ernie” snuggling on the cover of the erudite New Yorker ( July 8 & 15)  and what do you get?  Some, like me, think it’s cute and reflective of the majority of this country’s favorable views…

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Skim Milk Version of Marriage Spoiled, Sort Of

End of Proposition 8 and DOMA On June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court of the United States (Scotus) ruled, 5 to 4, that Section 3 of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) that defined marriage as only for heterosexuals, was unconstitutional.  “By seeking to displace this protection and treating these persons as living in marriages less…

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