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Archive for November 2017

Coming Out: Is It A Good Idea During The Holidays?

Chances are you may see your relatives on few occasions.  Thanksgiving may be one of them.  Christmas may be the other.  You don’t want to upset the tone of the holidays by injecting a life-altering announcement that will either elicit a million questions or silence your guests who are unprepared for such news.  The news…

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It’s National Transgender Awareness Week, Nov. 13-17

Did you know that: ·      The F.B.I. released hate crime statistics for 2016 and highlighted the ongoing epidemic of anti-transgender violence in the U.S. ·      In 2016, advocates tracked 23 deaths of transgender people in the United States. ·      One in every 137 teenagers in the United States identifies as transgender. In our schools, transgender…

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November is National Adoption Month

I have two adopted children: a son, born in 1983, and a daughter, born in 1988.  Both were closed adoptions of infants through a well-known adoption agency in Manhattan. I have little medical information about the birthparents from my son’s adoption and precious little from my daughter’s adoption. I’m not sure it would have been…

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