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Archive for March 2014

Limbo Marriages

Glenna DeJong, 53, and Marsha Caspar, 51, from Lansing, Michigan have been together for twenty-seven years. They, the first gay couple in Michigan, were married last week, but now found their marriage on hold as of March 22nd because of the federal appeals court order that prevents same-sex couples from getting married. The appeals court…

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“One Bad Apple Doesn’t Spoil The Whole Bunch”

Last week, I wrote about Mark Regnerus’s negative flawed study of children growing up in same-sex households.  Even the Sociology Department at the University of Texas (Austin) where Regnerus works has distanced itself from Regnerus’s findings that incorporated loose definitions of “lesbian mothers” and “gay fathers.”  But straight parents, take heart.  Your GLBTQ children will…

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Mark Regnerus, Again

The U. Texas Sociologist Testifies in Michigan Against Gay Marriage & Adoption Why is the author of a disputed gay parenting study from 2012 been chosen as an expert at a trial of two lesbian nurses who want to adopt special needs children in a state that doesn’t allow gay marriage or joint adoption of…

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