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Archive for November 2015

“Stop, Look, and Listen”

The no. 1 complaint I hear from gay teens or adults whom I interview is that their parents don’t listen to them.  When they summon their nerve to come out to their parents and should have the mike, the parents interrupt by saying “You can’t be!” “You’re too young to know!” “It’s just a Phase!”…

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November is National Adoption Month

                        Did you know that LGBTQ parents are four times more likely to be raising an adopted child? And six times more likely to be raising a foster child? Erroneous Studies Yet there are judges who still contend that children are better off  (more emotionally and mentally stable) when raised by a mother and…

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Holidays Not A Good Time For Introductions!

                        While visiting at Thanksgiving with your new boyfriend in tow may seem like a perfect time for a quorum of your family to meet your special one, think again.  Norman Rockwell, it’s not! It’s not a pretty picture when you can’t ingratiate your significant other – when everyone is preoccupied with unlumping the…

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Talking To Your Kids About Sex

             Perhaps, it would make it easier for a parent to adapt to the realization that her child is gay if she considers it a possibility from the start. In today’s society, you can’t presume that everyone is heterosexual.  (Sex Education classes that preach abstinence-only or have information only applicable to heterosexuals are missing…

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