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Archive for February 2018

Slouching Toward Equality In The Workplace

Gay workers in Connecticut, New York, and Vermont will sleep better tonight knowing that yesterday a federal appeals court in Manhattan ruled that gay employees are allowed to sue their employers over sexual orientation.  The ruling does not apply nationwide and could be headed to the Supreme Court where possibly it could be reversed because…

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Mike Pence Is On Thin Ice with Rippon

Of the fifteen LGBTQ athletes competing in the Winter Olympics, Gus Kenworthy the American freestyle skier and Adam Rippon, the American figure skater have attracted the most attention for their stances against Vice -President Mike Pence’s past voting records on LGBT rights. Pence led the U.S. delegation at the opening of The Winter Olympics at…

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Who Is Kristin Beck? Why We Should Care

   Just last week, I watched a documentary entitled “Lady Valor:  The Kristin Beck Story,” released in 2014, at our local theatre.  The movie was preceded by Beck’s memoire Warrior Princess: A US. Navy Seal’s Journey to Coming Out Transgender, co-written with psychologist Anne Spechard, Ph.D. in 2013. Apparently, the movie was filmed a few…

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