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Archive for October 2016

What’s With The Profiles This Week?

This week, I noticed that Facebook people had turned their profiles gray, black or white.  I thought they might have done this for upcoming Halloween.  Upon closer observation, I learned that those faces had turned color for National Asexual Awareness Week, celebrated October 23-29th this year. Listen, Believe and Respect Founded in 2010 by Sara…

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The Color Purple: No, Not That One!

Last week, my Facebook profile was purple. So was my Twitter icon.  Why?And what was that Spirit Day that many used as a hashtag? History of Spirit Day… Spirit Day began in 2010 by Brittany McMillan, a Canadian teenager who wanted to show her solidarity and support for LGBT youth by wearing purple. Spirit Day…

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Is Religion Getting In The Way of Coming Out?

Last week, I was invited to a Pride Club at a Catholic College in Westchester County.  October is National Coming Out month and I was at the college to answer questions from club members about how to come out to parents. As a gay son’s straight mother who had written an advice book When Your…

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