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Archive for May 2013

Boy Scouts Take Baby Steps for Gay Youth

But Still Dance Around Gay Leaders  On May 23rd, the Boy Scout Council of America, headquartered in Texas, approved a half-measure that would allow openly gay Scouts into the organization for the first time, effective January 1.  The historic decision was approved by 60% of approximately 1,400 volunteer leaders from across the United States. The…

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“That’s so Gay “Presumption

I recently read on-line in GAYSTARNEWS, May 16. 2013, that Glee star, Matthew Morrison, aka Will Schuster, Spanish teacher and Glee Club coach, had to come out straight to a magazine writer who thought he was gay.  Of course, the writer/interviewer should have done his homework before presuming anything about this talented singer, songwriter, and…

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34, Black, and Gay

Which one is defining him? Last Monday, NBA free agent Jason Collins came out in a first person essay in Sports Illustrated online which began “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center.  I’m black.  And I’m gay.”  It was a gutsy move as it made the 7’ ex-Washington Wizards center the first openly gay male athlete who…

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