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Archive for September 2015

Honor Thy Grandparents

Last week, last Sunday to be exact was an important day.  It wasn’t ushered in with greeting cards last August like Halloween or heralded on television, but nevertheless it was mentioned quietly on Twitter and then left the building. What exactly was Sunday, September 13, 2015?  It was Grandparents Day, usually the first Sunday after…

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Have Teen Idols Taken The New Fluidity Too Far?

Last week, The New York Times contributor Charles Blow wrote about “Sexual Attraction and Fluidity” in which he called Miley Cyrus’s comments about her OMNISEXUALITY (Cyrus dubs it pansexuality) “charming” and “revolutionary.” This Is A Role Model? While Blow, a well-known commentator, points out that Cyrus’s attitude towards sex is representative of recent surveys…

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National Suicide Prevention Week Starts Tomorrow

World Suicide Prevention Day is September10th. Being LGBT itself is not a risk factor for suicide, but the negative treatment that many LGBT teens endure can lead to suicidal feelings. LGBT teens whose parents accept them are healthier and will stay that way into adulthood. The first major study of families of LGBT youth, The…

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