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Archive for August 2014

Tactics to Outwit Cyberbullies

Don’t Let Them Get the Upper Hand! They’re Everywhere! No longer relegated to the playground, the bus, the cafeteria, this bully can now work full-time before school, after school at targeting his victim.  With just a few clicks, the humiliation can be witnessed by hundreds, even thousands of people online. According to research conducted by…

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Bullyproof Your Child Before School

      9 out of GLBT teens are victims of anti-gay bullying. (Gay, Straight Education Network) ·      More than 50% of GLBT students who took a P.E. class were bullied or harassed during that class. (Gay, Straight Education Network) ·      28% of GLBT students will drop out of school. ( GLBT Teens) ·      Victims of…

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How to Find a Gay-Friendly Therapist

You’re worried.  Your gay child seems more than moody.  Or your lesbian daughter seems more withdrawn and her weight is fluctuating.  Your LGBT child is dreading  school– another year of bullying. Beware of Conversion Therapy You think he/she may need a therapist, but you’re read that some mental health professionals try to convert their LGBT…

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Tolerance Begins At Home

Homelessness A Big Problem For LGBTQ Kids Next time you’re in a big city like New York and you see kids as young as 12 living on the street, in the subways, you may think they’re penniless, drop-outs from school or e.) all of the above.  Chances are they are “throwaways,” GLBTQ kids (gay, lesbian,…

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