Denial: What not to do when your child comes out

Coming out is fraught both for parents and their LGBTQ+ children. Your child has likely carefully planned what they’ll say, perhaps they’ve even rehearsed it in front of the mirror or with a friend. They’ve probably been thinking about their sexuality for months or years. They’re coming to the conversation prepared. You, however, might be…

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Keep Politics Out of Disney!

Cinderella's castle as framed with a pair of Minnie Mouse ears

You go to Disney because it’s magic and fantasy!  Built out of swamp land, children and relatives come in droves (58 million tourists this year) to see animals and humans unite.  It’s akin to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s masterpiece by Edward Hicks “The Peaceable Kingdom.” The children don’t care if Mickey and Minnie are…

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The Unintelligible “Parental Rights in Education” Bill

LGBTQ protestors marching down a street

Does anyone understand this bill dubbed “Don’t Say Gay” Bill #1557 in Florida?  According to Education Week, it does NOT mention the term “gay” or “LGBTQ+ community by name.  Nor does it prohibit students at any grade level from talking about their LGBTQ+ family members or themselves or acknowledging the existence of gay people.” But…

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Growing Up Gay May Give You An Academic Advantage

man in library looking at a book

A new study, Intersecting the Academic Gender Gap:  The Education of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual America, published in The American Sociology Review in 2022, purports that growing up gay gives that population an academic advantage. This survey was written by Joel Mittleman, a University of Notre Dame sociologist, and concluded that based on his three…

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Just When You Thought You Knew It All….

father talking to son in a field

O.K. you’ve mastered the basics:  you know what non-binary means.  It means a person who doesn’t identify with being defined as male or female.  You know that sex is assigned at birth, but it also can refer to the sex act, short for sexual intercourse. That said, what is gender?  It’s social, a personal expression. …

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The “Don’t Say Gay Bill” has passed in the House. What does this mean for Parents and LGBTQ+ Students?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

The nuclear family has changed in America.  LGBTQ+ parents can create their family through surrogacy or adoption.  Often, you see brown or persons of color in the same family as Caucasians.  Or mixed race children.  Sometimes, grandparents or relatives, because their children have mental health conditions, have custody of their grandchildren and are the primary…

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