You Deserve A Break! Suggestions for Daily Living

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You Deserve a Break!  Suggestions for Daily Living What about the mental health of the sober parent?  Don’t they also suffer anxiety and depression, low self-esteem while trying to “control” the behavior of a child who is clearly out-of-control? Drug addiction affects the whole family; it alters the family dynamic.  It can deteriorate a person’s…

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Looking in the Rear View Mirror of My Son’s Addiction

Since your child was born, you have tried to be a “good-enough” parent.  This obligation, skill set includes comforting and reducing his “boo-boos” to lessen the hurt. When the child was older, you could somewhat control his behavior, although it became harder, with a carrot.  For example, if you mow the lawn, you can stay…

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What’s so Smart About Smart Recovery?

    Founded in 1994 by Dr. Joe Gerstein, an internist and pain management doctor as well as a Harvard Professor of Medicine, SMART RECOVERY is NOT a Twelve-Step Program.  It integrates scientific and experiential knowledge to help overcome ANY addictive behaviors. The program is based upon Albert Ellis’s Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) which concentrates…

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