Would You Know How to Reverse An Overdose?

Narcan nasal spray

Whether a drug overdose is intentional (suicide) or unintentional, it’s still an overdose.  The Centers for Disease Control defines an unintentional death as “when no harm is intended. Unintentional drug poisoning includes drug overdoses resulting from drug misuse, drug abuse and taking too much of a drug for MEDICAL reasons.” There have been approximately 100,000…

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Looking Beyond The Peephole of Addiction

Bev Kelley-Miller

There are many books about addiction.  Some are written by mothers who give you a glance into their private world of what it’s like having a daughter who is NOT in recovery when the book begins such as if you love me: A mother’s journey through her daughter’s opioid addiction (Henry Holt: 2018) by Maureen…

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It all Started with Pain Killers!


“It all started with pain Killers” If your child had a sports injury in the 90’s and was given a new “miracle” drug for pain called Oxycontin, developed in the 8o’s, it’s easy to see how he/she could have become “hooked” on it.  A class 2 narcotic, it was pushed by Purdue Pharma as a…

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Would You Recognize An Overdose?

Parents don’t want their addicted child to die from an overdose.  Yet, last year, according to the Centers for Disease Control, drug overdose deaths soared to more than 93,000, 30% higher than the previous year. Would you be able to recognize an overdose and be prepared to deal with it? According to the American Addiction…

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