You Deserve A Break! Suggestions for Daily Living

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You Deserve a Break!  Suggestions for Daily Living What about the mental health of the sober parent?  Don’t they also suffer anxiety and depression, low self-esteem while trying to “control” the behavior of a child who is clearly out-of-control? Drug addiction affects the whole family; it alters the family dynamic.  It can deteriorate a person’s…

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How Do You Find The Right Sober Living Home?

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Transitional living or Sober Living Homes are very important after Inpatient Rehab when those with substance abuse disorders are very vulnerable to relapse.  In order to ensure sobriety,  the staff  at a SLH holds its residents accountable for their sobriety goals; it’s a balance between structure and independence. Of course, many Inpatient Rehabs give recommendations…

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Not All Recovery Groups Are Religious

By the time Mary Beth O’Connor arrived in rehab in 1993, she had twenty years of addiction under her belt.  She wanted to quit, but she didn’t want to be told that a chronic scientifically – based disease could be treated with religion.   In The Wall Street Journal, August 13, 2020,  Mary Beth wrote…

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