You Deserve A Break! Suggestions for Daily Living

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You Deserve a Break!  Suggestions for Daily Living What about the mental health of the sober parent?  Don’t they also suffer anxiety and depression, low self-esteem while trying to “control” the behavior of a child who is clearly out-of-control? Drug addiction affects the whole family; it alters the family dynamic.  It can deteriorate a person’s…

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Would You Know How to Reverse An Overdose?

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Whether a drug overdose is intentional (suicide) or unintentional, it’s still an overdose.  The Centers for Disease Control defines an unintentional death as “when no harm is intended. Unintentional drug poisoning includes drug overdoses resulting from drug misuse, drug abuse and taking too much of a drug for MEDICAL reasons.” There have been approximately 100,000…

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Looking in the Rear View Mirror of My Son’s Addiction

Since your child was born, you have tried to be a “good-enough” parent.  This obligation, skill set includes comforting and reducing his “boo-boos” to lessen the hurt. When the child was older, you could somewhat control his behavior, although it became harder, with a carrot.  For example, if you mow the lawn, you can stay…

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Looking Beyond The Peephole of Addiction

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There are many books about addiction.  Some are written by mothers who give you a glance into their private world of what it’s like having a daughter who is NOT in recovery when the book begins such as if you love me: A mother’s journey through her daughter’s opioid addiction (Henry Holt: 2018) by Maureen…

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How Do You Find The Right Sober Living Home?

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Transitional living or Sober Living Homes are very important after Inpatient Rehab when those with substance abuse disorders are very vulnerable to relapse.  In order to ensure sobriety,  the staff  at a SLH holds its residents accountable for their sobriety goals; it’s a balance between structure and independence. Of course, many Inpatient Rehabs give recommendations…

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Read Between The Lines Of These “Emotional Growth Schools”

Eager for their child’s rehabilitation, many parents are hoodwinked by glossy brochures and the advice of educational consultants.  I know I was.  Therapeutic boarding schools spell R-E-L-I-E-F to a parent who feels she cannot control her child.  In loco parentis sounds pretty good when your child no longer honors your requests. Why were we drawn…

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Enabling or Caring?

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When I was growing up, the BIG “C” was whispered among my parents’ friends. It was as if that disease as well as less serious health concerns such as hysterectomies, were regarded as moral failings, not to be discussed. To be sick was to be weak Years later, the dreaded Cancer was talked about openly,…

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The Second Drug Withdrawal Syndrome: PAWS

As the parent of a child with substance abuse disorder, you probably know what an acute withdrawal phase of an illicit drug is.  Detoxing isn’t easy and should be monitored, especially if it is withdrawing from alcohol. Detoxing often has flu like symptoms: shaking, aches and pains and usually lasts four to ten days.  Did…

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