“Everything Old Is New Again!”

Bottle of GHB with drug powder and injection needle on wooden background.

According to NBC Out (LGBTQ arm).com. a dangerous party drug has been everywhere, even Amazon. Even with COVID-19, substances like GHB (gamma-hydroxy-butyrate), known in the past, as “the date rape” drug or “roofies”, is on the virtual party scene, in bars, and in gyms where it is used to burn fat and build muscle, and…

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Read Between The Lines Of These “Emotional Growth Schools”

Eager for their child’s rehabilitation, many parents are hoodwinked by glossy brochures and the advice of educational consultants.  I know I was.  Therapeutic boarding schools spell R-E-L-I-E-F to a parent who feels she cannot control her child.  In loco parentis sounds pretty good when your child no longer honors your requests. Why were we drawn…

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Higher Usage of illicit Drugs in LGBTQ Community

clear and red syringes inside open tin can near cigarette butt

Almost all LGBTQ individuals face some level of homophobia and discrimination, workplace harassment, bullying, and even hate crimes.  Consequently, clinical depression, stress and anxiety disorders are common, according to American Addiction Centers. A 2018 study showed that LGBTQ teens are 12% more likely to abuse drugs.  The teens were also 3 times more likely to…

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