Looking in the Rear View Mirror of My Son’s Addiction

Since your child was born, you have tried to be a “good-enough” parent.  This obligation, skill set includes comforting and reducing his “boo-boos” to lessen the hurt. When the child was older, you could somewhat control his behavior, although it became harder, with a carrot.  For example, if you mow the lawn, you can stay…

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How To Manage Stress

girl in front of laptop biting pencil

April is National Stress Awareness Month.  Boy, as children get older, they face stress because of academics, family dynamics, extra -curricular pressures and social media influences, sometimes simultaneously. In a Centers and Disease Control and Prevention’s study that was published on March 31, 2022  these alarming findings pointed to “youth in crisis:” More than a…

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The Most Widely Available In-Your-Face Drug: Alcohol

Last October, a study released by University of Michigan researchers reported that nearly one in five Americans turned to “heavy drinking” to cope with the pandemic Covid-19.  While the liquor business was declared “essential business,” and consequently could remain open during this time, the national list for people seeking liver transplants rose by 50%.  Alcoholic…

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Founder of “Moms of Adult Addicts, Moms Thriving Together” Shares Tips During Nat’l Recovery Month

Pamela Evans, started a Facebook group called “Moms of Adult Addicts, Moms Thriving Together.”  This group, formed in 2019, now has 11.4 K members.  There is obviously a need for sharing stories, gaining insights, giving tips to members who are “new” to addiction within a family, and empathizing with those who are “wits end” trying…

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Signs of Drug Abuse

How can you tell if your child is just a moody teenager or experimenting with drugs that cause his personality to change?  With school out and longer summer days, there’s more time for recreational drugs. As a parent, you have the right to rifle through their drawers to confirm your suspicions.  Here are some telltale…

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Alcohol IS A Drug!

green beer

 The stress of the pandemic has more people turning to alcohol as a drug.  According to William Scott Killgore, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine, “being under lockdown during a worldwide pandemic has been hard on everyone, and many people are relying on greater quantities of alcohol to ease…

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