Straight Parent, Gay Kid

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6 years after transgender student sued his county School Board, “Bathroom Bills” are still not Solved. But Charlotte, N.C. City Council recently passed a non-discrimination ordinance that protects LGBTQ Residents.

Last week, Charlotte, N.C.’s  City Council passed a non-discrimination ordinance that gives more rights than federal laws that protect LGBT people:  the Federal law applies to employers with fifteen or fewer employees, but Charlotte’s measure is more far-reaching and applies to all employers in the city, even if they have less than fifteen workers. The…

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Books and apple near chalkboard with phrase "Sex ed"

PORN Should Not Be An Educational Resource for Adolescents

Parents and Schools Get An F in Sex Education According to sex researcher, Megan Maas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Michigan State, college kids are having less sex, but spending more time looking at online porn.  In her work, Dr. Maas collects surveys and focus group data from adolescents on…

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Your LGBT+Child Probably Knows about “Poppers,” but Do You?

A popular drug in 1970’s discos and bathhouses, “poppers” are still on the scene.  They belong to a class of chemicals known as alkyl nitrites and come in small bottles. “Poppers” are inhaled. Other Names of “Poppers” It’s also known on the street as “jungle juice,” “leather polish,” “Blue Boy,” “Everest,” and can be sold…

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Attorney General Bonta of California

California Attorney General Rob Bonta NOT putting $ Where His Mouth is!

  Regarded as one of California/s most liberal attorney generals, Bonta, who still needs to run for re-election in 2022, has a progressive agenda:  pursuing corporate accountability, standing up for workers, punishing big polluters, and fighting for racial injustice, criminal justice reform, banning private prisons and detention facilities in California. Just a week ago, Bonta,…

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New Yorker July 2013 Cover New Yorker July 2013 Cover

Sesame Street Always Gets It Right!

Sesame Street has always been on the progressive side of matters that are important to children. The program has never shied away from such topics as the non-traditional family nor the effects of addiction on children within a family that has a parent who has substance abuse disorder. During this Pride Month, Sesame Street introduced …

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A person holding a sign reading protect trans lives banner

The Playing Field Is Not Level for Trans H.S. & College Females

It seems ironic that transgender celebrities like Elliot Page, Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox, to name a few, are becoming more visible in our society while high school and college female transgenders are becoming invisible on the field because their state is banning them from participating on teams in which they feel they belong.  According to…

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Bucknell University

Insurrection Against LGBT Housing At Bucknell College

Last Thursday, May 13, 2012, twenty male students, ex-fraternity seniors at Bucknell College, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, tried to storm into Tower House, a Fran’s House affinity for LGBTQ students.  Formerly, a Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity that was closed in 2019 due to underage drinking, the residence is now gender-neutral housing. The rowdy students, chanting “let us…

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Michael Stokes, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Biden Administration Restores Obama’s Transgender Health Protections

Trump’s Policy of Limited Health Care Is Reversed. It’s a Victory for Transgender Rights! Last Monday, May 10, 2021, The Biden Administration reiterated that it had “the back of the LGBT population.”  Rescinding the Trump-era policy that sought to narrow the legal rights involving medical care of LGBT people, The Biden Administration is planning on…

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What is Lesbian Visibility Week?

Since 2008, women who love women or lesbians have celebrated Lesbian Visibility Week in April all over the world. Its aim is not only to show solidarity with all LGBTQI women in their community.   Sponsored by DIVA Media, Europe’s largest LGBTQI group, it’s the only media group that engages, supports, and unites LGBTQI women and…

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A Gay Man’s Guide to Life: Guest Post by Britt East

I usually write about issues that straight parents face when their children come out, largely because of parental pre-conceived expectations for their children.  But I thought it would be enlightening to hear from author Britt East, a gay grown man, about his journey coming out to his Southern non-accepting family in the 80’s but also…

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