Straight Parent, Gay Kid

A rustic old non-binary flag on weathered wood

In the Grand LGBTQ+ Scheme of Things, What Does “Non-Binary” Mean?

We’ve all heard of GAY PRIDE, particularly in June in major cities.  Maybe you’ve heard of Bisexual Awareness Week in September?  There are so many terms for different sexual orientations.  So, what is Non-Binary Awareness Week and What Does It Mean? The traditional gender binary is either male or female.  However, there are several subsets…

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Pride Month

How Much Pride Is Enough? A Straight Mother Marches, Her Gay Son Doesn’t

June is usually thought of as LGBT+ PRIDE month.  It’s an opportunity for the LGBT population to relish in their accomplishments over the years for acceptance, solidarity, community, and a chance to demonstrate to other generations the benefits of coming out. The first time I was aware of the gay population took place in NYU…

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GLSEN Day of (No) Silence

Quiet! It’s GLSEN’s Annual Day of Silence April 12,2024

What is GLSEN? GLSEN is the Gay, Lesbian Straight Education Network.  Its purpose is to ensure safe schools for LGBT+ students so they receive an education free of harassment and bullying regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression in grades K-12. There is a widespread need for GLSEN: As 82% of LGBTQ+ students experienced…

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Nex Benedict

Too Many Suicides of Transgender Youth

A “nonbinary” sixteen- year-old walks into a girls’ bathroom in Oklahoma. Not just any bathroom, but that which this transgender student at Owasso High School student identifies with.  Dagny “Nex” Benedict, a “two-spirited” (LGBT) American Native, identifies as neither female or male and consequently uses the pronoun “they.”  Nex’s attire is different from the classmates…

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Couple Holding Hands and a Condom

STIs are on the Rise: What You & Your Child Should Know!

According to the Centers for Disease Control, all STIs (sexually transmitted infections) have dramatically increased in 2023.  Syphilis cases (all stages and congenital syphilis) have increased 80% in the past five years.  More than 3,700 congenital syphilis cases were reported in 2022, reflecting an alarming 937% increase in the past decade. Most cases of syphilis…

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white clapboard church building

Why Is Religion within the Same Denomination Separating Us?

Churches Continue to Split on Subject of Same-sex Marriage Over seven years ago, January 14, 2016, to be exact, the Anglican Communion suspended its American branch, the Episcopal Church, from voting and decision making in the global Anglican Church for the next three years.  Why? The Episcopal Church was performing same-sex marriages within the church. …

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Pope Francis - Photo by Ashwin Vaswani on Unsplash

Slouching Towards Full Inclusion?

On Monday, December 18, Pope Francis, almost eighty-seven, approved a new rule that allows priests to bless same-sex couples.  But before you yell, “Hurray, Gay Pride has finally arrived at the Catholic Church!” the Pope’s announcement, during his Christmas message to the Curia, the Vatican’s Central Administration, is limiting at its best. On December 21,…

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Susan Berland

Susan Hope Berland – Personal Coach for Parents of LBGTQ Kids

Greetings! Parents of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning) kids play a crucial role in supporting their children and creating a positive and accepting environment. Here are some key things that parents should keep in mind: Unconditional Love and Acceptance: Let your child know that you love and accept them for who they are….

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several lit candles

November is Transgender Awareness Month

Every November, the U.S.,as well as other countries, celebrate Transgender Awareness Month to increase understanding of the T (LGBTQ+) population. During this month, communities advocate for transgender rights such as legal protection from discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression in housing, employment, public accommodations and healthcare. During this month, on November 20th,…

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asexual flag

In this Sex-Crazed World, Asexual is a Legitimate Sexual Orientation

A few years ago, I watched a TED Talk about sexual orientation.  A high school female confessed that she’d rather “wash dishes than have sex!”  At first, I thought she was trying to be amusing, but when she dug deeper, you realized that she was telling the truth. She was an ACE, the A in…

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