Straight Parent, Gay Kid

What is Lesbian Visibility Week?

Since 2008, women who love women or lesbians have celebrated Lesbian Visibility Week in April all over the world. Its aim is not only to show solidarity with all LGBTQI women in their community.   Sponsored by DIVA Media, Europe’s largest LGBTQI group, it’s the only media group that engages, supports, and unites LGBTQI women and…

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A Gay Man’s Guide to Life: Guest Post by Britt East

I usually write about issues that straight parents face when their children come out, largely because of parental pre-conceived expectations for their children.  But I thought it would be enlightening to hear from author Britt East, a gay grown man, about his journey coming out to his Southern non-accepting family in the 80’s but also…

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“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”:  GLSEN’S Day of Silence

 Yearly, the Gay Straight Education Network hosts a Day of Silence for 10,000 schools across the country and world.  The purpose is to spread awareness about the effects of bullying and harassment of LGBTQ students, including those with disabilities and racial minorities.  This year, The Day of Silence will be April 23, 2021. History of…

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They Keep Coming: 82 Anti-Transgender Bills Introduced in 2021 State Legislative Sessions

Tracking Anti-Transgender Legislation The Human Rights Campaign has been tracking anti-transgender legislation across state legislatures for decades.  Some of the recent transgender filed include South Carolina HB 4047 (an anti-transgender medical care ban), Texas SB 1311 (an anti-transgender medical care ban) and Michigan SB 218 (an anti-transgender sports ban). According to Alphonso David, Human Rights…

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Transgender Day of Visibility March 31, 2021: Need It More Than Ever!

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that stated “children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room or school sports.”  This order was aimed at fighting discrimination based on gender identity and sexual identity. Erasing Trans…

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Bisexual Awareness Month

BiHealth Important All Year Round!

March is Bisexual Health Awareness Month. In its eighth year, it was founded by the Bisexual Resource Center.  Its purpose is to “raise awareness about bisexual and community’s social, economic, and health disparities, advocate for resources, and inspire actions to improve bi+ people’s well-being.” Why #BHAM Is Needed In a recent Gallup poll, over HALF…

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Gay weddings newly wed men, dressed in matching morning suits leave village church with smiles and are showered with coffetti.

“Love and Marriage, love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage,” But Shouldn’t Be Blessed If You’re Gay, according to His Holiness Pope Francis.

In the third grade, during “Show and Tell” at The North Street Elementary School, I decided to serenade, or bore the class with my rendition of Frank Sinatra’s hit “Love and marriage, love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage.  This I tell ya’, brother, you can’t have one without the other…” A…

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Gallup poll written on the keyboard button

One in Six Adults in Generation Z (18 to 23) Consider Themselves LGBT

According to a recent Gallup report, an estimated 5.6% of Generation X (born 1981-1996) in the United States identify as LGBT.  This report was based on more than 15,000 phone interviews conducted through 2020 and reflected a jump of nearly 25% since 2017, the last year the survey compared findings. The findings of Gallup: 6%…

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Congress building

Please Don’t Let The Equality Act Be Buried in the Legislative Graveyard

 A bipartisan majority in the U.S. House of Representatives just voted, 224-206, to pass the Equality Act.  Known as H.R.5 and sponsored by Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI.) who has introduced versions of this bill since 2015 in each Congress sessions, the Equality Act is sweeping legislation that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual…

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When Your Child is Gay

When LGBTQ Kids Feel Rejected At Home

Rob Todaro, Press Secretary of the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth, The Trevor Project, reported alarming statistics from a recent Morning Consult Survey.  One-third of LGBTQ young Americans felt they couldn’t be themselves at home with their parents for fear of rejection or worse being “kicked out” of the…

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