Straight Parent, Gay Kid

No General Swim, Lanyards at This Camp. Just Drama and Horror Stories at the Campsites!

While the “dog days of August” may seem like the perfect time to send your(gay) child to camp, don’t be tempted by ex-gay camps! You may be a Molotov cocktail of emotions at this time: sadness, fear, disbelief, guilt, shame, right? But whatever you’re feeling, don’t think your child’s sexual orientation is a problem that…

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Your Child Came Out, YOU Blew It! Tips to Recover

Your son or daughter came out to you and you were so shocked that you were tongue-tied. Or, more commonly, you reacted by getting angry and saying things that smack of denial such as “You can’t be! You’re too young to know!” Studies have showed that 2/3 of parents who are caught off-guard do not…

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Superman Comes to New York’s Gay Pride Event

Happy (and famous) faces at the Gay Pride Parade on June 26th (Photo courtesy of the Associated Press) The New York Times and New York Post awarded Governor Andrew Cuomo “rock star” status when he came to New York for Pride event on Sunday, June 26th. It was more like Mighty Mouse ”saving the day.” In…

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The Normal Heart Had MY Heart Thumping

Larry Kramer and Daryl Roth (producer) accept their Best Revival Tony I never saw the original 1985 play “The Normal Heart.”  At that run at the Joseph Papp theatre, Joel Grey (who now directs the current play with George C. Wolfe) played the confrontational Ned Weeks, the protagonist. Its revival, which I recently saw, was…

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Neal Patrick Harris Offends This Theatre Goer

Ex-Doogie Howser, M.D.’s Diagnosis of Broadway Audiences Makes Me Ill He’s adorable.  He’s talented: he can sing, dance, and act. He was named by Time Magazine as one of the magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2010. He’s won Emmys and has a hit show “How I Met Your Mother.”  Yet, on the June 12,…

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J Crew Ad

J. Crew Executive Mom Paints Son’s Toenails Pink in Ad and Conservatives See Red!

  Molly Ringwald might have looked “Pretty in Pink,” but so does J. Crew’s president Jenna Lyons’s son Beckett. Or so his mother thinks. In an ad sent to J. Crew customers a few weeks ago, J. Crew President Jenna Lyons is having a fun time painting her five-year-old son Beckett’s nails. It’s a lighthearted…

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