Looking in the Rear View Mirror of My Son’s Addiction

Since your child was born, you have tried to be a “good-enough” parent.  This obligation, skill set includes comforting and reducing his “boo-boos” to lessen the hurt. When the child was older, you could somewhat control his behavior, although it became harder, with a carrot.  For example, if you mow the lawn, you can stay…

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Looking Beyond The Peephole of Addiction

Bev Kelley-Miller

There are many books about addiction.  Some are written by mothers who give you a glance into their private world of what it’s like having a daughter who is NOT in recovery when the book begins such as if you love me: A mother’s journey through her daughter’s opioid addiction (Henry Holt: 2018) by Maureen…

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Music Not Glamorizing Drugs Now?

Once upon a time, musicians glamorized drugs.  Janis Joplin, in the late 60’s, would appear on stage at The Fillmore East in lower Manhattan with a “Southern Comfort” bottle.  I witnessed it as well as the audience “sniffing glue.” (the audience was as high as the performers!) Famous electric guitarist Jimmy Hendrix would often appear…

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